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Altair disk drive in Knight Rider pilot

For those of us into retro computers, it's always a buzz to see this equipment featured in TV shows of the era.  I spotted a great example of this when watching the second episode of the Knight Rider pilot (1982).  There's an Altair 8" disk drive featured in this show, the computer  it's attached to looks like it's been mocked up for tv.  The villain in the show removes a floppy disk from the disk drive but the floppy is a 5.25" disk and it's upside down.

Thanks to Tim for leaving the comment about the episode with the teddy bear.  I found the episode: "A Good Knight's Work" (1984).  This was filmed in the Pertec factory.  There's a close up of a circuit board and you can just make out the name Pertec on it.