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DEC VT100 Terminal

I've got an original Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), VT 100 terminal.  The terminal is ideal for use with the Altair as it comes from the same era.  I'm not sure exactly when this particular terminal was made but the VT100 was produced between 1978 and 1983.

 6th July 2013
Recently the VT100's screen went blank, and after some investigation I determined the flyback transformer had gone bad.  There's a small fuse on the video board that had also blown.  I replaced the flyback transformer and fuse, and now the terminal is up and running again.



  Digital VT100 specifications
Manufacturer    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Release date August 1978
CPU Intel 8085
Ports RS232 serial, composite out & in


    VT100 User Guide   VT100 Technical Manual


VT100 Animations

Send the contents of these text files to the terminal to display it's graphics capabilities.

vt100_merry_xmas_animation.txt (8.92 kb)

vt100_train_animation.txt (15.75 kb)

vt100_xmas_animation.txt (27.70 kb)

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