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Macintosh 128k

This is a Macintosh 128k 240v international model.  The model number is: "M0001P", unlike the U.S. 110v model which is M0001.  The "P" indicates the 240v international model.  I purchased this computer as a non-working machine with the original 128k logic board in it.  It also came with an external 400k drive.

Macintosh 128k Macintosh 128k Macintosh 128k


  Macintosh 128k specifications
Manufacturer    Apple
Release date 24th January 1984
CPU Motorola 6800, 32 bit
Speed 8 MHz
Ram 128k
Rom 64k
Storage 3.5" 400k internal floppy disk
Expansion n/a
Ports RS422 serial, mouse, floppy disk, audio
OS Macintosh System 1


On initial power up, it displayed an error code, but soon after that it would just power on with several beeps which indicated a defective logic board.  I replaced the logic board with a working 512k logic board, so in effect this is a Mac 512k. The logic board for the 512k has exactly the same connectors on the back so it's a simple drop in replacement for the 128k logic board.


I've also replaced the power sweep, the original burnt out shortly after I got it.  I replaced it with a 240v Mac Plus power sweep.  The power sweep for the Mac Plus is backwards compatible with all previous compact Mac models.


Both the internal and external 400k drives would not accept disks when I first tried them out.  So I removed the disk insert/eject mechanism from each drive.  On inspection both were jammed stuck from years  of sitting around.  I removed all the old muck off the mechanisms and re-lubricated them, and once back in the drives both drives worked fine.


Macintosh 128k Macintosh 128k Macintosh 128k Macintosh 128k Macintosh 128k back


Classic_Mac_Repair.pdf (1.06 mb)

This guide contains some invaluable information about repairs to common problem with classic Macs.

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  • Ginjaian

    20/04/2016 11:02:03 PM |

    Hi! Great work on this and your other projects. I noticed that the link to the classic mac repair pdf is not correct; should be:
    i.e. you're missing the '.com' after 'tkc8800' in the address.

  • tkc8800

    21/04/2016 6:45:08 AM |

    Thanks for letting me know.  Link is now fixed.

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