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Macintosh LC575 disassembly for donor parts

I've been looking for a hard drive and floppy drive for my SE/30 restoration, so as luck would have it I found this LC575.  I offered the owner $20 which was accepted.  I hoped to get the hard drive and floppy out of it as both would make nice era appropriate replacements for the drives in the SE/30.  I'm glad to say both worked out well.  I managed to salvage a 250meg Apple SCSI hard drive and floppy super-drive from this machine, both work, but in need of a clean-up, as would be expected.  I also managed to remove the internal cd-rom drive.  I haven't tested that yet but no reason to expect it won't work.  Before tearing this machine apart I did try to get it to boot, but on power up all I could hear was the dong of the screen.  The screen was just blank and no activity from the hard drive or floppy could be heard.  The only attempts I made to get it working was to check the fuse on the power board, that was ok.  I also tried the trick of switching it on and off really quickly, I'd learned this trick when trying to get my LC475 working.  If the clock battery is dead the LC475 won't start up, but switching it on/off quickly will get it to boot.  But no luck with the LC575.  Not wanting to spend too much time trying to get the thing working I just started tearing it apart.  I must admit it's quite good fun to disassemble stuff.

These aren't too hard to take apart, a few Torx T15 screws on the back and the back just lifts off.  The floppy and cd-rom drives can be removed through a drop-down cover at the front, no screws required.  The hard drive and logic board come out through a cover on the back which does have a couple of screws but were missing from this one.  The internal drive/board case just un-clips from the front bezel and can be removed.  A fairly interesting case design.  Case parts and monitor will probably go to recycling.  The logic board looks in fairly good shape and has the ram and CPU on it which are most likely good, so I'll hang on to that in case someone wants it.  See pics below.


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