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Mini vMac

Mini vMac is a great emulator of early 68k Macintosh computers.  See Mini vMac site for more details.  I've prepared two downloads of Mini vMac.  One emulates a Macintosh 512k, running System 2.0 from a 400k floppy and the other emulates a Macintosh Plus running system 6.0.8 with a 40mb hard drive.  The downloads below include rom images and disk images with software already installed.  So they are ready to run.  These downloads contain the Windows executable of Mini vMac, but if you're on another platform just replace the executables with the ones you require from the Mini vMac website.


The distributions below have the ImportFI and ExportFI utilities already installed on each disk.  These utilities allow you to easily import and export files between the emulator and the host system without running any other software such as HVF Explorer.  They also have BinHex 5.0 and PackIt archiving utilities which allow you to easily package files for transfer to a physical Macintosh via serial cable.  See my guide: Serial cable file transfer, pc to Macintosh 128k/512k .


Follow this link for the Macintosh 128k / 512k disk image archive


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